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Welcome to Devreve. We are a solution provider helping businesses and individuals get the most out of their investment in people, process, and technology. We have a particular passion for working with companies in the technology industry on developing and implementing strategic programs and solutions that drive business results.

Devreve specializes in delivering solutions for the Microsoft technology platform but we recognize that technology alone will only get a business so far. As such we also specialize in developing:

Communication strategies to help you connect with your customers, partners, and employees.

Talent management programs to retain and develop women in technology sector careers.

Partnership programs to drive mutual success for businesses looking to forge new relationships.


Intro SquaresDevreve Co-Founder Shann McGrail Nominated for IAMCP WIT Mentorship Award

Congratulations to Shann for being one of three finalist nominated for this international award. Win or lose, she is in great company and we congratulate her on being recognized for the time and effort she has put in to helping spread the good word about the power of mentoring.

Intro SquaresCan't Wait to See You at Inspire!

The energy and excitement at this year's Microsoft partner conference is sure to help Vegas break new heat records. Devreve is pleased to share that Devreve Co-founder Shann Mcgrail, a Microsoft Inspire 2017 Speaker Excellence Award winner, will once again be featured in a number of must-see sessions:

  • LEAD12: Ten Ways to Develop and Diversify Your Teams
    To successfully lead customers through digital transformation you must bring the technology, talent, and teamwork necessary for results. Microsoft brings the technology. What are you doing to attract, retain and develop the right talent and diverse teams? Based on insights and best practices, this session highlights the top 10 tools, tips, and actions to develop, diversify, and transform your workforce.

  • SAL04: Grow SMART Partnerships
    Growing a successful and profitable business means making smart decisions about partnerships and executing those partnerships flawlessly. This best practice-based workshop introduces participants to a proven framework for developing partnerships, explores the major challenge of building trust, provides assessment tools to determine current state of partnerships, identifies the steps to prioritize, plan, and execute successful partnerships, and points participants to valuable resources.

  • LEAD10: Roadmap to Transforming Your Partnerships
    Cloud business is transforming the way partners work together to grow revenues, build solutions, and drive specialization. Building the business case for modernizing your partner channel strategy and execution is the first step to optimizing your revenues. The Partner-To-Partner (P2P) experts share “best in class” practices for partnering, and showcase engagement models to accelerate your success.

  • WIT02w: Women in Technology (WIT) Mentoring Circles
    Join the IAMCP Women in Technology mentorship event and discover what it means to be an agent of change and the role of mentorship. This experience features a panel of women from around the world sharing their experiences, thoughts, and advice; thought provoking exercises, and networking with like-minded colleagues about the changes and impact you want to make.

Full details on these and other sessions are available in the Microsoft Inspire Session Catalog.

Intro SquaresSupporting STEM for Girls and Women in Haiti

Devreve and partner TKG have co-sponsored Magdarlyne Perrier, a young Haitian woman with dreams of gaining the technical skills she needs to one day pursue a career in healthcare. She is just one of many girls and young women in Haiti for whom IAMCP WIT, in partnership with Harvest for Humanity, is working to raise funds to help inspire, educate, and empower those who have little opportunity to gain the technical skills that might otherwise offer them a chance at a better life.

You can read more about Magdarlyne and the Haiti initiative here.

Intro SquaresHot Off the Press... An eBook Offer for You

At Microsoft Inspire, we announced the upcoming availability of a new eBook and it is now ready for download.

The Improvisational Leader—Learning to Lead with "Yes!"  aims to show leaders how adopting the most fundamental of lessons from improv in everyday business scenarios can help change for the better the mindset of an individual, a team, and ultimately a whole organization—the kind of transformation that is needed to compete and drive results these days. Get your copy here.

Intro SquaresDevreve Showcased in The Partner Channel Magazine

We are delighted to be included once again in The Partner Channel's magazine.

The Winter 2018 issue features an article entitled Five Reasons to Specialize, Not Supersize, for Growth. Have a look at it in the online version of the magazine or download the issue in PDF format.

If you missed it, our features in the fall and summer issues are still available for download in PDF format

SMARTP2P: Seven Steps to Finding “The One”
Fine-Tuning Partnerships the SMART Way

Intro SquaresSmarter Partnerships Are Here

At the Microsoft partner conference in 2016, Devreve and The Kreklow Group (TKG) launched SMART P2P—a framework for establishing strong, successful partner-to-partner relationships in the Microsoft ecosystem. Since then, Devreve and TKG have run programs to help partners assess, transform, and execute on partner-based business that drives results.

Read more and sign-up to receive alerts about SMART P2P offers at the SMART P2P web site.

Intro SquaresStart Planning Your Partnership with the P2P Assessment App

This app guides your path to building successful partnerships. It helps you assess where on the partnership maturity spectrum your business sits and then provides resources you may find useful in growing the maturity of the partnership and ultimately your business along with it.

Use the outcome of the assessment and the suggested resources to build an action plan. The app provides you with the ability to capture your top priorities and observations and then output those in a report for your future reference or to share with others.

Download the app, take the assessment, and start your journey to building a plan for a more mature and lucrative partnership today.


Building Communication Strategies, Developing Female Talent, Establishing A Culture of Management Excellence, Training and Meeting Facilitation, Executive Coaching


Establishing and Managing Successful Partnerships, Project, Change, and Risk Management, Professional Services Solution Delivery Methodologies, Social Selling Strategy Development, App Modernization Planning


Microsoft Technology Expertise, Azure Cloud-Based Services, Windows Universal Application Development, Mobile Solution Development, Enterprise Systems Integration

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