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    ...because a project without risks is doomed to fail.

A project that has no risk is doomed to fail. That does not sound right, does it?

Well, the fact of the matter is that for all but the least complex, short-run projects, there is always likely to be one or more things that could stand in the way of reaching the desired successful outcome. Identifying and managing those things (risks) is the first step towards increasing the chances of a successful project delivery.

The Mitigate app makes it easy to do just that.

Mitigate is intended to introduce the use of Risk Management for project delivery in a highly approachable way, guided by the simple but powerful process and features the app provides.


  • An approachable but powerful process for managing risk in projects of all varieties.
  • Includes introductory guide to risk management and brief how-to video to get you up and running.
  • Define and maintain a list of risks that can be filtered, grouped, and sorted to suit your needs.
  • For each risk, capture the Risk Statement, Impact, Probability, Mitigation Plan, Contingency Plan, and miscellaneous notes.
  • The app calculates and maintains a risk score for individual risks as well as an overall project risk score.
  • Set a baseline score for the project stamped with a date and time so that you can compare that to the current score as the project progresses.
  • View a heat map graph of risks. Tap on any plotted risk in the heat map to drilldown on details.
  • Pin a project to the start screen to see a live tile. Updates on the tile show the project risk heat map and the current vs baseline project risk score.
  • Email a project summary report from within the app with the tap of a button.
  • Export the risk list to a comma separate values (.CSV) file for importing into Excel or other programs.
  • Open and update Mitigate project file stored on OneDrive from your Windows phone or PC/Tablet.

Tap or click below to view a video on getting started with Mitigate.

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