Workshop: Partner-to-Partner: The Path to Revenue for Women in Tech

Intro SquaresOverview

Building a partner-to-partner business is the fastest path to growth, higher revenue, and outpacing the competition. While women in technology are few in number relative to their male counterparts, they bring a great deal to the table including powerful partnership skills, different perspectives, and a diverse approach to the opportunities inherent in partnerships.

This session will summarize the tools, best practices, approaches, and partnering successes that have been seen where women in tech embrace partner-to-partner businesses relationships.

Intro SquaresSession Outcomes

  • Perspective on women in partner leadership.
  • Tools and templates to accelerate growth and building of strategic partnerships.
  • New resources to build plans aligning to Microsoft Fiscal Year 2018.

Intro SquaresWho Should Attend?

This session is best suited to Partner Managers/Partner Alliance leads, Business Development Managers, Partner Marketers, and business owners who want to expand by working with other partners.