Workshop: In Search of… Executive Presence

Intro SquaresOverview

Finding a clear definition of executive or leadership presence can feel like the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster—elusive and full of conflicting information to the point where we question its existence. How we are perceived, however, is one of the most important factors in our leadership portfolio. Projecting executive presence outweighs competency and experience as a critical factor in career advancement.

This session will shed light on the elements of executive presence and provide participants with tips on how to apply communication and awareness techniques to the most common executive presence challenges to amplify one's leadership impact.

Intro SquaresSession Outcomes

  • Understanding of the components of executive presence.
  • Self-assessment to determine personal priority areas for development.
  • Tips and exercises for developing executive presence and "personal value proposition".

Intro SquaresWho Should Attend?

The session is for individuals and managers responsible for building partnerships with executives or selling to executives. It is also for leaders looking to try new approaches or a way to provide more precise leadership development feedback to others.