Workshop: Play and the Power of Creativity

Intro SquaresOverview

This highly-rated leadership track session from WPC 2015 and WPC 2016 highlights how the power of play and the fundamentals of improvisation can tap into creativity.

Creativity drives the product and business innovation demanded by organizations that are wrestling with digital transformation. Research proves that play shapes our brains, inspires creativity, builds competence, and fosters connections. Unleashing creativity through play is a powerful experience that drives business forward.

This session starts by introducing what creativity is, where and how it emerges, and then explores the role that play has historically played in the context of work.

Interactive exercises are used to demonstrate how to set-up a creative environment, build on ideas, shift perspectives, and leverage resource constraints to produce new results.

Intro SquaresSession Outcomes

  • Participants will leave the session with a list of "Playaways"—ideas for things to share and try with their teams when they return to the office.

Intro SquaresWho Should Attend?

Leaders, managers, and those who understand that creativity is a "renewable resource" that helps organizations achieve results.